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Update April 11, 2018 Mike Roy on Charlie Mason, Craig Fenton reviews Jeff Mastroberti

From Joe V.
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I've had the honor of promoting hundreds of artists over the years, probably over a thousand now, and we are so busy promoting it is hard to promote the promotion, which we are doing here.
This is an incomplete but more current crop of great airplay and media. Thank you to the stations and news outlets for supporting our artists.
Joe Viglione
617 899 5926
The Demo That Got The Deal tm Radio Show

How artists landed major label publishing and record deals!
Established in 1991 on 93.7 FM WCGY

Congrats to Michael J. Roy
His "The Bright Side," title track off of new CD on Charlie Mason Radio, North Carolina

Johnny Behman of ON NOTICE appeared on WEMF on Monday, April 9, 2018 at 5 PM
Las Vegas Patch reviews WAR BONNET from the band FIRE IN THE FIELD

Fire in the Field CD release War Bonnet Rocks with Authority

Boston artists Mike Moore- Guitar/Vocals, Jeff Badolato - Bass, Brad Conant- Drums perform live behind memorable, hard-hitting compact disc

By Judy Dessanti, Patch Poster  | Updated

Soundcheck #28 from Stefano Trafecante
1)Tomahawk FIre in the Field from cd War Bonnet
2)Goodbye, Breakup Diner from Elephants
3)Reservoir - Torbin Harding
4)Dweller - Reset
5)Light Parade - Air Band
6)Take What You Need - Superjerk
7)Dancing on a Dream - The Byners
Sound Check, with Stefano Trafecante, is a real-life, unscripted program featuring the local talents of bands and song writers in the Worcester local area. Local Mix 7 is an arrangement of local talent and images.

Thank you Stefano Trafecante at Soundcheck Sound Check #27 Local Mix 6
1)The View by The Complaints
2)Daydream from On Notice
3)Hogg Tail Twist - Jesse and the Hogg Brothers
4)"Drama Queen" from G.E.
5)Move from Telectrix
6)Hey Baby Torbin Harding
Sound Check, with Stefano Trafecante, is a real-life, unscripted program featuring the local talents of bands and song writers in the Worcester local area. Local Mix 6 is an arrangement of local talent and images.

Posted April 6th 2018 5:34pm.

March 31  ON NOTICE

Billy Behman on What's Happening with
Aaron Bornstein and Bob Nelson 
Billy Behman of On Notice on WMWM What's Happening 

April 1, 2018 Easter
Dean Petrella of The Complaints on with
Aaron Bornstein  Traxx of the Town

An interview with Dean of the Complaints by Aaron on Traxx of the Town/ WMWM Salem MA   
On Notice  FRANK FM 

WFNQ 106.3 FM NH1 March 18, 2018 8:05 pm
The band ON NOTICE with their song "Daydream" played on Frank FM, song #2 following Barry Goudreau's Engine Room . Thank you Harry Hawkins Frank 106.3FM Local Music Show Sunday nights 8:00pm
From Robert Barry Francos Here is the text of the Postive Negative Man review
Positive Negative Man Broken
CPR Records (
With a name that sounds like the title of a They Might Be Giants song, it’s hardly surprising that Positive Negative Man presents a kind of chaotic and dissonant front. Oh, that’s not an insult, hell no. The songs are borderline No Wave (closer to Mars than Teenage Jesus and the Jerks), but one of the aspects I find interesting is that with all the noise, it’s all done with standard rock’n’roll equipment (guitar, bass, drum, voice), yet there are enough squelches to keep any electro fan happy. Most of the vocals are pretty straightforward as are the core of the songs; they’re just played over the racket. They refer to themselves as a “post-punk pop experiment,” and I would not argue with that at all. Sometimes it’s the guitar as lead destructor, other times it’s the bass, such as with “The Ice Queen of Space.” Though no two songs are alike, their approach seems to be, though. While this may not exactly be my playlist style, and I did have trouble making out most of the lyrics, the last song, “Just Don’t Think” is extremely catchy and has lasted with me well beyond the initial playing.


____________________________________________________________________ Joe Viglione
Promoting music to radio and media since 1976

Joe Viglione with Mick Taylor of Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan

Joe promoted Stranger in Town CD in Boston
Joe Viglione promoted Alvin Lee's ZOOM album featuring George Harrison and Deep Purple's Jon Lord on "Real Life Blues"

Alvin Lee said "Best promotion job in the country" and the label, Domino, offered Joe the job of head publicist if he relocated to NYC

George Harrison sent nice e mails!
Joe Viglione helped Rob Fraboni, producer of Eric Clapton and Rolling Stones with promotion of Hubert Sumlin's disc in the Boston area.
Clapton and Keith Richards appear on the disc

Joe helped with some promotion for Harriet Schock's incredible ROSEBUD CD, produced by Nik Venet.   Airplay on 740 AM WJIB
Before they were EXTREME, the promotion on the Dream E.P. 

The parody of Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Want to Have Fun was "Boys Just Want to Have Sex" resulting in - at the time - the biggest royalty payment to a songwriter (Robert Hazard) ...and we got them airplay on WBCN and other stations.


Joe Viglione's BRILLIANT title for the Moe Tucker E.P. "Another V.U." (Another View) or Another Velvet Underground, another look at the Velvets, was hijacked by B.L. at Polygram Records who had the audacity to say to me in his office "Joe, I'm putting out another Moe Tucker record, Another View." 

My response, with legendary Jimmy Miller standing there, "Bill, I already released Another View and mailed you copies."

The late James Brown said at the ROCKPOOL convention where he spoke with Lou Reed and Madonna "Never give the major labels ideas, they steal them from you."

Shall I go on about the re-release of Mitch Ryder's DETROIT album?  I have a Thank You letter from Andy McKaie but no credit on the re-release.

Go figure!

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